Thursday, May 19, 2016

Now that the season over I can finally lay back and relax. It went surprisingly well to be honest. Starting off at districts I got 2nd place so i secured my place for regionals. Regionals is when it gets pretty hard. The first wrestler i wrestled beat me by a pretty close match. There was no way i was going to loos and not make it too states, so I really cleared my mind and just focused it all on wrestling. The next match I beat the kid pretty quick pinning him in the 3rd period. This match was the most important, because if I won I go to states and if I lost I would get 5th place, meaning my season would be over. I went up too the matt and shook my opponents hand and we started wrestling. The first period was really active but we both couldn't really score on each other because of strong defense. Second period same thing no points it was pretty slow. Before the third period started my coach told me I needed to push my self right now. I went in and just wrestled hard I got one takedown which gave me the lead two to zero. My opponent started to become very active as the period was ending because he needed to score. I was defending best I could and finally I heard the buzzer go off and I knew I was going to states.

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