Thursday, May 19, 2016

States was very fun. It was up north, maybe two hours away and it was a two day event. We stayed at a hotel the day before so we could arrive when it started in the morning. The night before I didn't want to sleep because I was anxious about tomorrow. When I woke up the next day, we drove to the arena which was about 20 minutes away. When I arrived there were so many wrestlers all over. It was pretty cool meeting some of the wrestlers that were there. I didn't really recognize much people other than my teammates of course. After we warmed up and got ready to wrestle my heart really started pumping. My first match was against a small but strong guy. It was pretty crazy wrestling in this place. There were so many people watching which put so much more pressure. When the match begun me and the guy were pretty equal, but then he started to over power me and ended up winning in the second period. My next match I knew I had to win or else I was out of the tournament. I cleared my mind and wrestled my second opponent. He was doing much better the first period than I was, scoring one point. The second period I was more offensive and took him down for a point. Third my opponent tried taking me down and I flipped him over and pinned him. I was very happy. My third match I gave it all I had but who I was wrestling was very good. He was just strong and knew what he was doing. He ended up beating me but I wasn't that mad because I won one match, which I was proud of. The season was very fun and exciting and I'm happy were I ended. This is my last blog so The End.

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