Monday, May 16, 2016

The season is almost over for club. We have just been practicing a lot and working drills. Not much has happened. The last tournaments we have are club districts, regionals, and states. This is the time really to not make mistakes. If you get top 4 in districts than you move on to regionals and vice versa. Districts I'm not to worried about, as i beat most of the people that i know are going to be there. Regionals is a little harder because your kind of filtering the better kids out from the worst, so you won't see the best wrestlers but you will see good ones. If you get top 4 in regionals you move on too states which is definitely the hardest out of the three obviously. This is were there are only good wresters. You'll see state champs and just kids that know what there doing. In all the tournaments its double elimination, meaning if you loose twice your out. Im pretty ready I just need to make it too club states and ill be good. The point is I want to end my club season off good and happy. I want to be satisfied because the worst feelings is not being satisfied with how you did, and that will haunt and annoy you forever.

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