Wednesday, April 20, 2016

So as we continue the tournament I won the only match so far. Next was against a new wrestler. That can be kind of bad believe it or not because you don't know there potential. They could be amazing or not that great. This kid was really good. First period 4-0 he was up. Second period 5-0 still up. I was in the same situation as before just this time I was down by 5 points. The third period started and I noticed something. He started wrestling very sloppy making mistakes now and then because he was so tired. So, I used that too my advantage. When he would make even the slightest mistake I used it. I took a shot and got him down 2-5 still loosing. The match was almost over 45 seconds left. I score again making it 4-5 but while I score I put him on his back. If you get a wrestler on there back, its a pin and you automatically win. I held him down waited for the ref to end the match I made sure he was pinned and to my relief, I heard a whistle blow and I knew i won. My coach was proud of me, saying It was one of my better matches. I had 2 more matches too win to get first so that was my mind set and I was going to accomplish it, no matter what happens or who I wrestle.

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