Friday, April 1, 2016

We wrestled some clubs last weekend. Out of 8 teams being there, we came in third. I had to wrestle two weight classes (120-125) since we didn't have a wrestler in the 125 weight class. I surprisingly did better in the heavier weight class but that's also because there are better wrestler in the 120 weight class than 125. As a team we got 3rd and individually I got second. My last match was against a kid in 125 that was state ranked last year. We had a good match that ended in with me loosing 3-4. I'm proud of my team for coming out third in the over all tournament. It's always good getting top 3, anywhere bellow that though is usually when our coach gets mad. In other news our 145 wrestler got injured in over time for the third and fourth match. He twisted his ankle and might be out for a week or two. The next tournament is in two weeks so will have plenty of time to practice. I think as a team were getting better. In practice we all understand our weaknesses and our strengths which makes us wrestle against each other better and learn more from each other.

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