Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The tournament was this weekend and it was a very hard one. It was one of those tournaments that you don't want to make any mistakes because if you did your opponent will use it too his advantage. We got to the tournament and did our normal routine of stretching and looking around at who was attending. You usually can see some other wrestlers that you've wrestled in the past and will most likely wrestle now. Since i'm one of the lightest weights I usually wrestle first so I always make sure too really stretch out and warm myself up. My first match was against someone that beat me in the past. I was worried but I knew I had too not let it bother me and not look at the past but present. Our match was almost up, I went down to the mats and got ready to wrestle. I went to the center of the mat shacked my opponents hand and we started wrestling. There's three period's in a match, each one being 2 minutes each. Two minutes might not seem like a lot.... till you try it. First period 0-0 none of us scored. Second period 1-0 he was up. Third period I knew I had to get myself together because i was not going to loose. I was already so tired but the third period I gave it all I had and ended up winning 2-1, with a take down late in the period.

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