Wednesday, April 20, 2016

The club season is almost over. We have a couple more matches and tournaments to attend. Practice has been the same, same drills same work outs. My coach wants me to work on my defense versus my offense. We had a knew person on the team wrestles about 165. He's decent not amazing but not bad either. The next tournament is coming up next week. There's gonna be some really good wrestlers because its a pretty popular tournament. At home I have too watch my weight because you need to be exactly or under your designated weight, if your over however than you cant wrestle. Cutting weight is such a pain and really hard but that's also why wrestling is such a great sport. It teaches life lessons that you take for the rest of your life. Its a very rigorous sport and very challenging. I just am ready for the tournament coming up next week. When i'm in season my mind is all about wrestling it's like nothing else matters except the sport. I feel healthiest when i'm in season because i can't eat any fatty foods and in general I feel better. I'm kind of mad that the season is coming too a end but it's not over yet and we still have matches to finish.

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